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  • I've only been on Facebook since January 2017, but in less than 10 days, I've been Thrown-Off TWICE! This last time I was Threatened by a self-admitted, proud Nazi and a Jihadist, because I defended Israel and the Rights stated in the US Constitution!
    I come from a family of 4 Naval Officers: 2 Captains, a Navy Cross Winner (my dad) and a Rear Admiral grandfather. I don't support Anti-Constitutional Behavior!
    I am also a Composer of Modern Classical Symphonic Music. A Google Search for "Bear Woodson Composer" will show hundreds of listings for me, including a video of my "Sonata for Viola and Piano" (in 2010) and an Entire Dissertation about me (December 2001). I went to Cal Arts (1976-1978), attended the Richard Strauß Konservatorium / Gesellschaft (1979-1980) in Munich and earned my Master's at Arizona State University (1994-1996).
    I live in Tucson Arizona.
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