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  • To provide news and information about world events to help keep members informed as to true News. To help with getting people involved with the election process and to register new voters. Freedom of speech is very important but no personal attacks or cursing please. To show support though Flag waves on overpasses across America and other events. #MAGA Welcome Everyone! Violent Protesters Riot, Burn Cars, Loot Buildings In America, my question to you are you tired of it. Do you want to help President Trump stop it, are you willing to get out to your street corner and show support. Can you talk on the phone to Senators and Reps. Will you help send letters and thank you notes to congress and the Whitehouse. Can you be good Trump supporter and post true news for us to read. If you are willing to do this then bring your friends willing to do the same to the #TrumpsArmy and join up we are organizing. Blocking moderators/administrators is not allowed for any reason.
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