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  • This party is in the formulation stage and is looking to expand into a national party.
  • Jeremy has asked me about some policy points for The American Patriot Party or TAPP for typing challenged peeps like me.

    First I would like to reference our mission statement which is of course buried at the bottom of our page. That is a pretty inclusive statement but I will try and add more to the policies and hopefully this will bring others into the conversation. The party will grow and change some over time as we move forward. Hard not to have that happen. That is part of the reason why we have not pushed too hard to get this party up and rolling, although that is going to change soon. We want this party to be inclusive, not exclusive. We are all Americans and it is time to toss away labels and get to work.

    The points I was asked about were abortion, the wall, illegal immigration and Muslim refugees. I will start with abortion. On a personal note, I am against abortion. That said, I am not the only peep in the party. Abortion is done far too often and for wrong reasons. TAPP believes that abortions are allowed by law due to Roe v. Wade. TAPP supports the idea that we are a country that bases it's society on the observation and compliance with the law. We are not going to enter the battle as a party because of that reason. If the law changes our party will support the law. We think there are two points we can support in the situation. First, we want abortions to be rare. That will need to include education as part of the solution. The life of the mother is used to justify abortion. Most doctors today agree that the life of the mother is rarely a reason for abortion anymore. Yes, it does play a role and the truth is, it is a very small part of the situation. Second, we would like to see abortion restricted to the first trimester but we will not advocate that as a litmus test. Abortion is a very personal and private decision that can have long term effects. No, not always but sometimes it creates issues that can linger for a very long time.
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    So, abortion is the law of the land but we would like to see it become rare and will not use it as a litmus test for someone to join or become a candidate for office for TAPP. We would like to see it limited to the first trimester.

    Next, The Wall... a Quinn Martin Production...sorry inside joke unless you remember where that came from. The wall has been part of the political situation in America since the 60's that I can personally remember. I am from SoCal and so it is something I have some first hand experience with, although not since the late 80's. The best way to answer this is to simply say without borders you have no country. The federal government is tasked with the protection of our sovereignty as a country. Plain and simple if we are going to continue to exist as a country, we have no choice but to build a “wall”. With all of the available technology, we should be able to build a wall where we can, fences when we need to and then add electronic monitoring along with border agents and while no system is perfect or unbeatable we could do worse...like now, with no control over our border. The cost is often noted as a problem. The estimated cost to our country for foreign trespassers varies but runs from 70-100 BILLION dollars a year. If the wall ended up costing 30-40 billion as a one time cost, I think that answers the cost question. TAPP supports a wall and border security without hesitation 100%.

    Next up, illegal immigration. This is covered in our mission statement but I would like to add a point here. This is not about illegal immigration. That is a made up word by the msm in order to make it sound less harsh and maybe even draw some sympathy for the plight of the illegal immigrant. They are not immigrants. They are foreign trespassers plain and simple. TAPP is going to refer to these people as foreign trespassers from this point forward. They are here illegally and to taint immigration with these people is an insult to all the millions that have come here legally, learned the language, customs and laws of this country and then assimilated into the great melting pot called America. We have stated that those caught here illegally should be deported and if found in the USA before the 5 years are up, they will be returned to their home country without any of our due process laws since they are not citizens and will forfeit ever gaining legal citizenship. We have also stated that those here illegally and are first time offenders, that can prove long term stability and have not committed crimes will be given a choice. They can be vetted as to who they are they can either stay and receive a “card” that says they are here legally but a non-citizen. This route will preclude them from ever becoming citizens so it is designed to make it a tough choice. They can also leave and apply for citizenship and if they were vetted to our satisfaction, they can then get processed to go through the immigration process in a somewhat expedited manner.

    Finally and probably one of the most divisive issues of our times, Muslim refugees. I read recently that we as a country have allowed more overall refugees into America than any other country and more than almost all the rest combined. Yet, we are called all kinds of bad things because we want it to stop as it is currently being done. There has been very little, if any vetting. We have no idea who is coming into our country. There is no rhyme nor reason to this policy of no vetting, just come on in. The Islamic culture repeatedly calls for the death of Israel and America. Why are we letting these people who want us to die to come into our country? To me, this is treason. For TAPP it is simple. No more unvetted refugees of any kind. If you can't prove who you are then you don't get to come to America. That has nothing to do with your personal beliefs or the size of shoe you wear. Prove who you are or don't come.

    I hope that this helps you Jeremy. I also want to emphasize that while the policies of TAPP may change somewhat over time, as long as I am here or Lynn is here, it won't change much from the basic core policies we have outlined in our mission statement and now with this post. If there are other areas of interest or you wish to add something to this post please go for it. We can only grow and get better if more of us get involved. Peace.

    Steven Mallory
    Co-founder TAPP
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  • Mission Statement
    The American Patriot Party
    The Party of Solutions
    In order for a new party to become viable there are several factors that need to be completed in a positive manner in order to become successful. First, you must have a platform that is comprehensive and appealing to a large segment of voters. Second, you must appeal to the voters that are in other parties but not happy with the direction of their current party or that see no difference in the major parties. Third, you have to WIN some contests in order to be taken as a serious party.
    In order to grow our party we must demonstrate relevancy and the ability to win elections. There is no substitute in our political system for winning. Currently, we have a win or go home political system. If we go out into the political arena and lose all the time, we will become irrelevant very fast. This means that we have to build our party from the local level to the state level to the national level. We will need to look into placing our candidates in races where they can win, not just run. Our ability to create funding will be severely challenged in the initial stages of our development. Our limited resources and ability to generate funds will necessitate our being prudent and careful in selecting our candidates and the races we will enter. One example, is we look for smaller districts on the state level that only have one candidate running. By being the only other person on the ballot we will have a much better chance of winning some of these races. By placing our people in a position to win, working on getting the vote out for our candidate, we can gain much needed wins early in our parties history. This will generate interest in the media and draw the attention of people with money to our party, both of which will be instrumental in establishing us as a bona-fide alternative party.
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    Rule 2: A third party needs some principles.
    Rule 3: A third party must have a base of voters/activists that is indifferent to the difference between the major parties.
    The ability of The American Patriot Party to find an identity that transcends our individual parts will determine whether we become another party that perpetuates the current mess our country finds itself in, or becomes a leader that helps our country become once again the beacon of hope that has driven the world for over 200 years.
    The American Patriot Party would like to propose that we adopt the idea that our country is a good country, with people of good moral integrity capable of self government and that a limited government is in our countries best interest.
    First, we agree that separation of church and state is good for our country; no church or religion should be favored or harassed by anyone or any segment of society. Whatever laws apply to one religion or church applies to all.
    Second, all of our citizens, whether they be men or women, young or old, weak or strong, regardless of personal choices in lifestyle, are accorded the same rights as the next person according to our constitution. Special categories of people only encourages class warfare and therefore has no value. As an American citizen you have equal rights under the laws of the United States of America.
    Third, we demand Congress, as a whole, be subject to the same laws as the rest of the citizens of the United States. The current class of politicians have deemed themselves above the law by exempting themselves from the very laws they pass. We will ask all retirement benefits be revoked immediately and retroactively. If needed, we will seek to have a constitutional amendment requiring term limits to insure we maintain a new infusion of citizen legislators.
    Fourth, we are a rich country and there fore we should help our fellow citizens in times of need. Our welfare system is broken, but fixable. A program based on compassion and strategic use of resources to help people become independent and self supportive is a good and noble endeavor, a country of our moral integrity should embrace. By raising the least among us, we raise our whole country.
    Fifth, we realize a need to have a practical and viable foreign policy. Our policy should be to govern our country in a manner others will want to emulate. We will be pro-active in our dealings with other countries in the areas of agriculture, education, technology; not in trying to decide how other people should form their governments. Lets get out of the nation building business and get into the nation helping business.
    Sixth, our government was formed to provide a veil of protection for our individual states in the areas of foreign policy, mutual self-defense and regulation of commerce among the individual states. The tenth amendment to our constitution clearly states that all powers not enumerated would go back to the states. This principle needs to be enforced. The diversity of our country is such, in most cases, one law or one way does not work as efficiently or as effectively as allowing the individual states to administer their citizens. The federal government is best suited to provide a direction while the states are best suited to implementing the details.
    Seventh, immigration in this country is currently being handled in a very haphazard manner. We make the process of obtaining citizenship a very long and complicated process to no real purpose or benefit. This country was built on immigration and to this day we have far more immigrants than we have people leaving the country. Let our government streamline the process and make people legal citizens in order to let them integrate into society quickly and become productive members of this country.
    For the ones currently in this country illegally,we need to implement a vetting process for all illegals in this country. For those that have not been involved in a negative fashion with our system and have made an effort to assimilate into our culture can be handled without major cost or hardship. They must be vetted within a very short time period in order to qualify for an exemption to deportation. If they choose to stay they can not apply for or become citizens but will be considered legal and documented. If they want to become citizens, they must leave this country and apply through normal channels. Those that stay will be given a “card” that will allow them to work legally in this country, pay taxes while working here. By helping them to become legal persons, we can reduce the negative impact that their illegal citizenship imposes on our country, while limiting the impact on families.
    These proposals are in no way the only ideas we need nor are they the only ones that will work. What they are is simply a challenge to all citizens of this great country to do more. Let's get to work on bringing our country back to where it belongs as a true leader in this world.
    All politics begin at home. When you are first getting into politics you probably heard that said and didn't really understand it, but as time goes by, it becomes more apparent that all politics begin at home.
    In order for any party to become legitimate in the eyes of the country, you have to get your name in the public arena and you have to win elections. We will be looking for people across the country that want to run under The American Patriot Party Banner beginning with offices that will become open in 2017. This will require groundwork in each state to insure our candidates are in full compliance with all state and local rules and regulations along with any applicable federal rules and regulations. We will reserve the right to vet all candidates that choose to run as a candidate for The American Patriot Party.
    Once the process is opened to participation, there will be a need for people to help form the ground game apparatus. We will need to have a network in each state along with a network for the counties and any major hubs in a state. This will ensure that we work on all aspects of government from the state level down.
    State Objectives
    We want to encourage people to support their state government by becoming state level legislators in the Senate and the House. Both areas have great importance to becoming agents of change in how we use and operate our state governments. We will, as a party, work to insure that the federal government delivers on the tenth amendment. One result of this success will be an increase in the size and expectations of the state government down to the local levels. The challenge will be to get more services from a shrinking tax base, without reducing needed services. Handing some programs off to the counties and larger cities will have to be implemented in some cases. The legislator's task over the coming decades will not be easy. We need to pay forward a commitment to making our country function again at it's best efficiency. We will do that by involving ourselves in the government operations as citizen legislators. The continual change of the guard will keep our government on the cutting edge of innovation in government, proving that leadership comes from setting an example that others will follow.
    Local Objectives
    The ability of any group achievement of a task, becomes, in large part, a direct result of the groups ability to put boots on the ground. Local council person, county commissioner, etc., are just a few examples of the type of position that needs to be filled by people who are eager to do the job, but just as eager to let the next person have their turn. We need to have good people that want to make their local community a better place for all. We want people who are willing to volunteer, as needed, to do the extra jobs in the smaller communities that get overlooked. We want our party to be thought of as a party of people that work, live, care and treat their communities with respect.
    Domestic Policy
    The American Patriot Party has come to the conclusion that the only way our politicians will balance our federal budget is through a Balanced Budget Amendment. This is a very serious step to consider. The fear is that it will create inflexible situations that could come about in an ever changing world.
    In recognition of this possibility, and in an effort to promote a balanced budget without such a drastic measure, The American Patriot Party offers the following formula to bring about a bi-partisan approach to solving our budgetary issues.
    In developing a deficit such as we have currently, we need to ascertain whether it is a revenue problem or a spending problem. We also need to recognize that this situation did not develop overnight, nor is it the result of one group or another. It is a problem brought about by a series of congress's that have failed to deal responsibly with the issues involved. While it might serve some special interests to lay the blame on one party or the other, ultimately both parties have created the situation and share equal responsibility. Rather than getting involved in a game of shifting blame, The American Patriot Party has come to the conclusion that we have a spending problem and an uneven revenue system.
    The first part of the problem that we will address is the spending side of the equation. We constantly hear how our budget is “locked” and certain programs are not able to be touched due to the constraints imposed by laws. The first thing we will promote is a willingness to re-visit any and all laws that restrict our ability to reevaluate and decide how to fund any current program. Hiding behind ill-conceived laws is no longer acceptable. All programs and budgets need to be eligible for reductions and reorganization as to what they are empowered to do. No more sacred programs. The American Patriot Party refuses to accept that new solutions can't be found and implemented.
    Currently, we have no mechanism in place that will trigger automatic cuts or stop new programs from being instituted without the ability to pay for them. We believe that an initial target of 5% of GDP is a reasonable figure for a debt ceiling given our current economic situations. We recognize that this will not happen overnight as it would cause as much economic disruption as the debt itself nor is it the final goal for our debt. Our goal is to remove the entire debt from our government and create a government that operates within its financial means.
    We propose an initial, graduated process to be accomplished over a 10 year period. The first step will be to impose an actual 1% reduction of the federal budget for 10 consecutive years. Inflation and mandated increases will be stopped from being added to the budget during this time period. No cost-of-living or other increases will be allowed. This will spread the cost of getting our deficit under control equally among all government funded programs. No new programs will be started during this 10 year period unless they can be funded by further cuts in other programs to pay for the new programs.
    This will cause our federal government to lower the amount of workers in order to achieve the reductions as workers are the single largest source of expense associated with any program. We propose to make up for this shortage by using people enrolled in the welfare programs to learn and do lower level functions in our government. This will help us to train workers with skills that can help them transition off welfare. In addition, they will be getting paid from their welfare benefits programs which gives the federal government cost-free workers for money spent in other programs.
    This reduction program will not in of itself eliminate the debt. It will serve two purposes. First, it will serve as a down payment on our debt and allow our public servants time to address the further reduction of our deficit in a meaningful way. The second, is it will instill the confidence in the people of our country and the financial interests around the world, that we are willing and able to tackle this deficit problem. With the first goal of 5% of GDP as our level of indebtedness, the ability of our congress to reach this number will be feasible. If the congress can achieve this goal then we will not seek a balanced budget amendment. We believe that if the government can get its spending under control then revenue changes can help bring the rest of the budget in line with acceptable costs to all the people in our country.
    The country has discussed many ways to create revenue. Flat rate taxes are often mentioned as the fairest method to achieve an equal burden on all persons in this country and we feel that a version of this tax is the least intrusive if the federal income tax code we currently use is removed completely in regards to the individual taxpayer. This is a very drastic step in the eyes of the special interest groups that have labored long and hard to create a federal tax code that even the federal government has trouble understanding. We propose that a simple tax rate based on income that rises will best serve our revenue needs.
    The same flat rate situation can be imposed on businesses with the same progression on higher incomes. By implementing a flat rate on all work income, we create a fairness in the tax system that is not currently available.
    Therefore, The American Patriot Party will promote and work for a flat rate tax that includes the elimination of the parts of the tax code that are related to individual incomes. The American Patriot Party believes that all persons of this country benefit from the public expenditure of funds and therefore no one should be exempt from paying income taxes unless they make less than $25,000.00 a year.
    The first bracket will be from the amount of $25,000.00 a year to $50,000.00. This rate will be 3%. The next threshold for taxes will be at $50,000.00 to $500,000.00 and at a rate of 4%. The next change will be at $500,000.00 to $100,000,000.00 and will be at 5%. The next change will be from $1m to $2m and will be at 8%. The next change will be for incomes from $2m to $5m and will be at 10%. The next bracket will be for incomes from $5m to $10m and will be 15%. The final bracket will be 25% and for all incomes over $10m. There will be no deductions allowed and your tax will be decided in a few lines and will help reduce the collection arm of the IRS.
    All of the rest of the deductions called for in the federal code in regards to the individual tax payer would be eliminated along with programs like the earned income credit. These laws serve no purpose but to give our government power to redistribute wealth which is not a constitutional prerogative. This method will serve to bring everyone into the tax system at a figure that is not class driven but income driven. There are no more loopholes for those on the higher end of the tax system to exploit and allow for the “rich” to avoid paying a fair share into the system that provides them the opportunity to make the wealth they have earned.
    In addition, businesses would be taxed at a similar rate. The tax code will need to be re-examined in terms of how expenses are calculated in order to decide how much profit is actually achieved. In recognition of the fiduciary requirements to operate in the best interests of the shareholders, some deductions will have to be allowed. We believe that most actual expenses incurred in a business year should be acknowledged in the year they were incurred. Spreading out expenses over several years is needed for larger expenses and will have to become part of any new rules promulgated for businesses. The American Patriot Party believes that with fewer and more concrete deductions, the rate of tax on business income should mirror the income tax on individuals. Based on actual profits with only actual expenses will provide a more realistic tax on businesses and allow them to retain profit for their companies.
    By eliminating the complicated methods of tax collections, the need for the IRS will be reduced and provide us savings of a significant amount. There is no call for the elimination of the IRS, but under a simplified system, the IRS can be streamlined considerably. This overall savings may not be large in terms of our overall debt but it will provide an actual savings of a significant amount over the years. The money thus saved will help ease the reductions in more important programs.
    The American Patriot Party believes that a foreign policy based on our security as a nation is the only sensible policy we can have. We do not find in the constitution where a policy of nation building is allowed. In fact, our first president advised us against getting involved in events around the world without due consideration of the effect such actions would have on our country. We will not promote isolationism as a course of action, but will, instead, work to have a policy that is clear as to when and where we will get involved in situations with other countries.
    Part of this policy will be based on our trade agreements as they definitely impact our national security. We will no longer accept unbalanced trade agreements as being in our national interests. We will no longer be party to any agreement that does not remove all barriers to trade. Most Favored Nation status will not be given to any country that does not remove all barriers to free and open trade between our countries. We believe that unrestricted trade will lead to growth in both countries. Most Favored Nation status will become something that has value and will not be a tool used to force other countries to become secondary partners.
    Another aspect of our foreign policy will be immigration. Immigration policy will be simple. Whatever policy is imposed by a country in regards to immigration will be our policy in regards to immigration from their country to ours. If another country places no restrictions on the ability of our citizens to choose to immigrate to another country, we will impose no restrictions on their citizens that choose to immigrate to our country. This does not mean we will not have a citizenship process, only that we will not place any extra burdens on a person that is legally trying to immigrate into the United States. If another country does not allow for foreigners to own land in their country than any person immigrating from that country to ours, will not be allowed to own land here in the United States.
    If any person is detained in the United States and is not a legal resident of the United States, they will immediately be deported to their home country and not allowed legally in the United States for a period of five (5) years. If a person is detained in the United States and it is proven that they are under a five year ban, their ability to become citizens will be revoked permanently. In addition, they will be deported to their home country without recourse to any legal remedies.
    The American Patriot Party will seek to have the United Nations restructured and moved out of the United States. If the restructuring does not meet our minimum requirements and the United Nations is not moved into another country, then the American Patriot Party will work to remove us from the United Nations. The first requirement is to have the veto process in the Security Council changed from one country having the ability to stop action to a majority vote to initiate or stop any United Nation actions. The five (5) Security Council members will also be barred from providing troops of any kind for any mission approved by the United Nations. The responsibility for providing troops for deployment will fall on the General Council members. These ten (10) nations will provide 10% each of any and all troops and will be responsible for the entire expense of the deployment of their troops. The Security Council members will each provide 5% of the operating expenses of the United Nations. Each of the General Council of ten members will provide 2.5% of the operating expenses of the United Nations. The remainder of the 50% of the operating expenses will be divided among the balance of nations.
    By changing the financing of the United Nations to a more balanced approach with troop deployments being the responsibility of individual nations, the call for troops will become more of a last resort rather than a responsibility of a select few. By shifting the cost of deployment to the individual countries, other solutions will be looked for instead of sending troops right away. By shifting overall costs from a few major countries to all countries, the level of responsibility to the organization will shift and result in more meaningful responses from the United Nations.
    The United States has borne the bulk of cost and responsibility for the United Nations for almost seventy (70) years. It is time to shift this responsibility to all nations rather than just on our country. The cost of maintaining the security of the UN and its diplomats and staff is a cost we do not need to bear any longer. We pay for about 25% of the cost of the UN and then pay for the security and maintenance of the UN. This needs to stop. Therefore, the American Patriot Party will work to have the UN physically shifted to another country. Failure to achieve these changes will result in The American Patriot Party actively seeking our removal from the United Nations.
    The American Patriot Party will no longer support or promote nation building. This is simply an attempt to promote empire building and is no longer a useful tool in the current world situation. We will weigh all foreign policy requests for monetary help against our national security. If a country is working within the framework of their countries policies and these policies are not in contradiction to our national security considerations then we will meet the requests for aid without conditions whenever we have the financial means to do so. If the country requesting aid is working at cross purposes to our national security then the request will be denied. Any request that is granted will be in the form of a grant, not a loan. We do not need to profit off other countries legitimate needs for its citizens. We will support and promote nation helping not nation building.
    The export of sound agricultural policy will also be part of our foreign policy. The ability of other countries to feed their own populations will lead to less dependency on the United States to feed the world. The promotion of this policy will also allow us to make better use of our agricultural resources that will in turn lead to better conditions in our own country. We need to lead the way in removing the threat of starvation from this world. The resources are available to do this and we should be at the forefront of this project. By realistically promoting agriculture advances around the world we will gain more friends which will in turn enhance our national security.
    By promoting nation helping, reforming the United Nations to make it relevant, reducing the threat of starvation and removing artificial trade barriers, we will create a foreign policy framework that is not based on colonialism, but rather, mutual respect. By working with countries that are not working at cross purposes to our national security and vice-verse, a new climate of mutual respect will become the basis of our foreign policy. When other countries see us taking the high road in the conduct of our national policies, they will be more inclined to work with us, rather than against us. That will serve to increase our national security and that should be the top priority of our foreign policy.
    The American Patriot Party believes our constitution is pretty clear in regards to our military. It is for the defense of our country. We are unable to find anything that indicates that our military is to be used for nation building or peace keeping all over the world. We can't find anything that suggest that working as part of a coalition is part of our constitution. The question then becomes, what role should our military play in today's world?
    Has the evolution of our world created new circumstances that we should consider what constitutes proper forces that are needed to face the new threats and deployment of our military in other parts of the world? Should we take a isolationist view of deployment of our military? Not to be confused in this context with an isolationist view in terms of foreign policy. That is a separate issue.
    With the proposed reforms of the United Nations implemented, our county's security will not require us to maintain current troop levels in certain areas of the world. We will no longer be subjected to putting out brush fires around the world. Regional pacts will be enacted to provide regional security through the auspices of the reformed United Nations. Our need to maintain grounds troops overseas will be reduced initially in Europe to zero. We will advocate China become the standing army guarding the Korean border. China will be given the chance to earn the trust of the world community through carrying out their own political processes to maintain stability in the region.
    Our Navy will have to maintain it's current level of operation in the Middle East in the short term, but we will advocate for the Navy presence to be reduced in the future as conditions change. The stated goal of The American Patriot Party is the return home of the vast majority of our ground troops stationed overseas by 2022. In addition, the withdrawal and reduction of all other military forces around the world will be under way by 2022 and the complete removal of all military troops from overseas duty by 2025.
    We do not advocate a smaller military without due consideration of the dangers inherent in the current climate of human relations around the world. We believe a strong military is absolutely essential and one of the few stated prerogatives of the federal government. The purpose of our military is to provide for the protection of our country. The evolution of protection needed has evolved into new threats. Cyber-Terrorism is every bit the danger as Bio-Warfare and other forms of terrorism. The threats we face today include the need for smaller units of operations, highly trained personnel, exemplified by the Special Forces, in all fields of military operations. The need for weaponry is evolving from tanks to more concealable but more destructive forms carried by Special Forces. The reductions achieved by better use of our most valuable resource, the individual soldier, will allow us to upgrade our defenses against the threats of today posed by all forms of terrorism.
    The American Patriot Party believes that each and every service member is a rare and precious asset of this country. Despite the hardships and risks associated with being in our military today, we have an all-volunteer force. Think about that for a minute. There are enough people in this country that think enough of our country to lay down their lives to serve our government's needs without regard to right or wrong by our policy makers. That is a resource we should handle with great respect and dignity and not just waste on every little brush fire or situation that comes along.
    We can never say or do enough for our military people and veterans. Therefore, our platform will recognize and support our active duty personnel with the best pay we can, the best tools that we can, and we will do all we can to insure their success in any mission they are given. Further, that once the person has completed their obligations to the military, we need to insure that we fulfill our obligations to them. We need to make sure we get them the training and aid that will help them transition back into non-military life.
    The best way to support our people in the military is to make sure they are never misused or put in situations that compromise their health and well-being for political gain or considerations. Our country has seen enough of that over the last 50 years. It has been called many things in order to garner public support. It is time for our military to be concerned with their primary task. Defending our country.
    Congressional Reform
    Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution
    "Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United
    States that does not apply equally to all members of Congress,
    Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that
    applies to all members of Congress, Senators and/or Representatives
    that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States.”
    The above proposed amendment is currently being circulated around the country as a grassroots campaign. If you seriously believe that congress should be under the same laws as the rest of the country, look for a petition and sign it and pass it along.
    Of the 27 amendments to the Constitution, seven (7) took 1 year or less to
    become the law of the land, all because of public pressure.
    Don't think you can't make a difference. We can make all the difference in the world.
    The American Patriot Party is committed to congressional reform as part of our basic platform and will work with the American people to achieve this reform. We will work to see that the above amendment is ratified as soon as possible.
    Rather than fight congress over term limits we will seek to make changes in the laws that govern their behavior. Currently, congress people are allowed to “retire” after serving. There are many examples of this abuse if one wishes to investigate. How did this happen? There was never any ballot measures involving congressional retirement on any national election ballots. The only way that this could have come to pass was through an amendment to a spending bill that originated in the House. That means congress decided on their own to give themselves a retirement plan.
    Over the years, this has progressed into other areas as well. Has anyone seen a ballot measure authorizing congress to have staffs? We all expect that each congress person will have a secretary and a personal aide to help them stay on target with the PEOPLE'S business. There is probably a need for a few other people to help them with mail, reading and summarizing bills before the congress. Somehow, this has turned into a multi-million dollar cost to the taxpayers. Depending on what source you consult, congress currently spends somewhere around $900 mil to $1 billion a year on staff positions.
    $900 mil to $1 billion a year !!
    For office help and aides. This does not include any expenses associated with doing the job itself. This does not include paper to write on, pens to write with, etc. Just for the people that help a congress person do their job. The American Patriot Party will work with congress and the American people to clean this situation up.
    We will seek a cap of $500,000.00 per congress person, per year, for each congress person's staff. The staff cap will reduce the cost of staff positions that are now upwards of $1 billion in costs to under $300 million, a savings of about two-thirds or more. The average staff person would then have to live on a lot less or the congress person will have a lot smaller staff. Either way, the savings would be substantial and show the country that our congress is leading the way on cleaning up the financial situation we find ourselves in this country.
    The congress, as mentioned in the above proposed amendment, will have to live within the framework of all the laws of this country. They will no longer have their own health care system, retirement system and will become part of the social security system as well. They will no longer get to vote on congressional pay raises. Once this amendment is passed, they will get a 1% raise each year until the year 2024. Then, a nationwide ballot will be required to give congress any further raise in pay. Congress can ask for the nationwide ballot for a collective raise once every eight years in order to insure that their pay stays consistent with current standards. The amount of the raise will be determined by an independent process and placed on the presidential ballot.
    We will seek the repeal of all relevant laws and regulations in order to rollback and eliminate all current and projected retirement benefits currently given to congress with the passing of the above amendment. All retirement funds now being held for congress will be moved into the social security system and the time they spent in public office will be used to determine future retirement benefits from social security as there will be no more retirement plan for political public servants of any kind.
    These two basic reforms and the proposed amendment will save the government hundreds of millions of dollars each year. The American Patriot Party knows that there may be other equally needed reforms for congress but will focus on these three points until such time as we have changed the laws in these areas. By reforming congress at the basic level we will achieve a congress that will have the opportunity to lead our country into further prosperity by not only their words, but by their actions.

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  • Welcome to The American Patriot Party Right2Voice Group. This is the only authorized site for TAPP and we hope that your time spent here will be deemed worthwhile by you. The purpose of this group is to create an open forum for our party. We encourage participation with civility. Our purpose is not to tear each other down, but, to provide a vehicle to help rebuild America.

    Before we go any further, I would like to point out that other than a few additions, the main outline that you see posted here was first posted in May 2014. We did not create this in response to or because of Mr. Trump. The ideas presented are the result of careful thought and consideration given the political climate of the time. We were approaching the mid-term elections and we were very dissatisfied with the “politics as usual” attitude of the day by most of the politicians. For many, there did not seem to be much difference in the two parties and the election became about which elites were going to be in charge.

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    There was a time in this country when several parties were active and viable. That was soon stopped as it was easier to tame and control two parties rather than a multitude. By the time 1840 rolled around, the two party system began a stranglehold on the political system that is still going on to this day. Both parties have a rigid mindset that defines them. This mindset places party loyalty above the good of America.


    TAPP is going to throw away all of the old labels. We are not liberals, conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, Green Party, Libertarians. We are first and foremost Americans. We do not see anything else when we look at the people of America. We have the great fortune to live in the greatest country yet conceived in our recorded history. A country where no one is artificially limited in their individual pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Those mean different things for all of us, but underlying it all, is one common point.

    We are all Americans!

    We must ask that NO ADS be posted in this group. It will result in being dropped from the group the first time with NO exceptions. This policy will be strictly enforced. This is a serious political group and will be handled accordingly.

    Steven Mallory
    Co-founder TAPP
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