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  • Politically Incorrect Religion. World News, and Terrorism Coverage
  • One Goal - Wipe Islam off the Face of the Earth.
  • Dedicated to the destruction of Islam.
  • Got a website, smashallah.com . Looking to start selling shirts etc that offend the Moslem. The truth. Here are some examples. Anyone out there who knows how to get this up and rolling ? Money to be made and it's for the future of your children.
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  • Those nasty animal Moslems are getting away with the rape of a five year old girl. No media coverage.
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  • I'm hoping to start a group dedicated to destroying evil Islam. I have a site in the works, smashallah.com, I have some ideas for clothing, decals, etc. Anyone interested in joining the group or helping me get it up and running, please contact me.
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